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The Ontario Political Scene for APNs

CBC Radio Program White Coat, Black Art provides opinion, facts, and key speakers on Healthcare Issues and Politics.

Dr Brian Goldman MD hosts this radio program to reveal healthcare culture from the point of view of those working on the "other side of the gurney". The shows are provacative, informative, and address current politically charged issues.

The program airs Saturdays 11:30 am and Mondays 11:30 am on CBC radio one.

Shows have explored Midwifery in Canada, Palliative Care vs Assisted Death, Nurse Practitioners, Visiting Hours, Alternative Medicine and more.

Pod casts of the shows can been accessed on the internet for 6 months.

White Coat, Black Art Podcasts

New Ontario Minister of Health and Long Term Care 2014

Welcome to the Honourable Dr. Eric Hoskins, the new Minister of Health for Ontario.

Dr Hoskins is a family physician and has worked as a public servant since 2009 in a variety of Ministries.

He and his wife founded the War Child Canada Charity to aid war-affected children across the globe.

Ontario Healthcare System Funding Reform (HSFR)

Announced January 2012: Ontario is moving away from global funding to a model where funding will follow the patient.

For hospitals, Community Care Access and Long Term Care, the model will include a Health Based Allocation Model (HBAM), Quality Based Procedures (QBP) and a small portion of global funding.

For more information visit the MOHLTC links to HSFR or QBP.


The Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio (HSMR)
HSMR is a measurement tool that compares a hospital’s mortality rate with the overall average rate. The ratio provides a starting point to assess mortality rates and identify areas for performance improvement. The following will send you to more information on HSMR:


Local Health Integration Networks (LHIN)

Local Health Integration Networks are corporations that work with local health providers and community members to determine health service priorities for their area. The LHINs are responsible services and programs in hospitals, community care access centres, mental health community health centre and long term care. There are 14 LHINs in Ontario. SW LHIN website

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