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NPs to Admit, Treat and Discharge from Hospitals!


Announced at RNAO AGM: April 8 2011, Premier Dalton McGuinty informs of many changes to allow nurses to provide enhanced care. This includes NPs to have the authority to admit and discharge Ontario hospital in-patients.

This change goes hand-in-hand with the authority for NPs to treat hospital in-patients. McGuinty states discharging authority will take effect by July 2011. Admitting will be in July 2012.

Support the changes for NP authority - your letter needed by April 15, 2011!


The Ministry of Health & Long Term Care, Ontario is asking for letters to comment on extending authority for NPs.

Log onto their website here and send your email of support for NPs to order diagnostic tests, admit, treat and discharge from hospitals, and order laboratory tests. (email link at the bottom of the MOHLTC webpage)

These would be for both community and hospital ordering.

Please send your comments of support.

We believe every person deserves the best possible healthcare!


Provincial Definition of Alternate Level of Care (ALC) created for Ontario

In an effort to capture high quality, real-time data on patients waiting in acute care the Ministry of Health requested Cancer Care Ontario to involve key stakeholders in defining ALC.

Clinician toolkit will be made available May 11, 2009.

The official launch date for all acute care and post-acute hospitals in Ontario to begin using the standarized definition to designate ALC patients is July 1 2009. To see the definition click here.

RNAO Political Platform 2011

Be prepared for the election on October 6! Read and advocate for the nursing changes for vibrant communities.

The platform was created for the 2011 election, and is entitled "Creating Vibrant Communities". There are 6 "pillars" that tackle poverty, create a cleaner environment, and utilize nursing to improve access to healthcare. Click here to go to RNAO's website to read the platform.



Canada now using the Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio (HSMR)
HSMR is a measurement tool that compares a hospital’s mortality rate with the overall average rate. The ratio provides a starting point to assess mortality rates and identify areas for performance improvement. The following will send you to more information on HSMR:

Click here for the November 2007 Canada report.

Local Health Integration Networks are corporations that work with local health providers and community members to determine health service priorities for their area. The LHINs are responsible services and programs in hospitals, community care access centres, mental health community health centre and long term care. There are 14 LHINs in Ontario. SW LHIN website


New Regulations for Nurse Practitioners

Effective immediately! In Ontario, only nurses registered in the Extended Class can use the title Nurse Practitioner. See the link (above) for more information.

Interested in applying for an NP specialty certificate? To register for a package from the College click here.



Ontario Physician Assistant Initiative

The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has developed this project as part of the province's health human resources strategy "HealthForceOntario" 2006. PAs have started in selected hospitals and will be working in CHCs by January 2008. For more information click on the link above.
The New NP Classifications

NP-PHC, NP-Adult, NP-Paediatrics,

Are you eligible? Approved Programs


Exam sittings have been available since March 2008.

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